Integrity creates Agency is a platform co-created by Aninia & Daniela. Our interest in creating spaces and organizations built on honesty, valuing human growth and empowering personal responsibility as well as our love for ‘Reinventing Organizations’’ was only the beginning of a collaboration that has now merged into the development of this platform. With Integrity creates Agency we wanted to create a space for exchange among people who care about how they are and interact with others.

Our Vision is to Co-create healthy communities with empowered individuals

Healthy communities emerge from interaction on eye-level and individuals acting with integrity.
In healthy community the whole as well as the individual experience themselves as having agency in face of challenge and change.

Daniela’s background is in translation and communication. Discovering bodywork for herself in 2010, a new and more holistic journey into the subject of being human and human interaction began. She’s been working in the field of body-based awareness training for improved self-realization since 2012 and has since spent a lot of her time and headspace on how to bring more possibilities in being human and embodiment to groups and the collective.

You can find more about Daniela’s work on her website:

Aninia has extensive experience in peace education and facilitating thinking- and learning processes in groups through experiential learning tools. Coming from youth work and theater she wanted to get more to the core of the matter and found her way to working with embodiment since 2008. In her bodywork practice she explores with her clients how they can maintain their integrity in situations of internal or external conflict by connecting to their bodies.

You can find more about Aninia’s work on her website: aninia.berlin.

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