Embodied Inquiry Groups

Being and acting with integrity is not a one-time thing. You don’t take a course, learn the rules and off you go forever on the right path. Living with integrity is a continuous process of investigation, paying attention and finding your own answers (not anybody else’s) for a specific moment and a specific situation. There are no general rules. We designed Inquiry Groups in a format of investigation that allows for the group to interact and share challenges and insecurities in a safe space as well as individual discoveries and joint learning. It is intended as a space where you can get to know, practice and integrate a simple process that you can apply for the rest of your life and any situation. Being part of an Inquiry Group provides you with time and space for your personal investigation into the subject of creating agency and embodying integrity for a period of six months.

How does an Embodied Inquiry Group work?

An Inquiry Group consists of four to five people who meet regularly over a period of six months. Each inquiry session lasts for 1.5 hours.


SESSIONS 1+2 In the first two sessions, Aninia or another facilitator will introduce the format and facilitate getting to know each other.

SESSIONS 3-5 The following three sessions are self-organized by the group. It is an open space to find your group identity and practice the process steps.

SESSION 6 The last session to conclude the 6-month learning and exchange process is again facilitated by Aninia or another faciliator.

Your Benefits of Joining an Embodied Inquiry Group

  • You can uncover some of your blind spots and gain new perspectives and perceptions about difficult situations in your (professional) life.
  • You can ask uncomfortable questions and discover your own answers or get new perspectives in a safe space.
  • Confidentiality: We don’t record any of the sessions. What is said in the sessions, stays within the group.
  • You meet like-minded people who care about the same values and integrity.
  • Between the sessions, you will notice you have more awareness for small but relevant situations in everyday life on the subject you choose to explore.
  • You can improve your detachment and practice asking questions without having to provide help or solutions for someone else.
  • Half the sessions are facilitated and you can comfortably get used to the process and roles. Half the sessions your inquiry group is self-organized and you have the opportunity to learn and practice all roles in the process.
  • You can continue to apply the process in any group and in any situation for the rest of your life.

Basic Agreements

If you choose to join, you commit to the following basic​ ​agreements:



Say only ‘yes’ to something you can fully say yes to. ‘No’ or ‘I don’t know’ are just as valid for the other things.


At the time of the meetings, you commit to showing up fully. In case you can’t make it, let the others in your team know in advance and take a clear decision whether to join or not.


Respectful Communication

Say what you mean, ask to know more rather than react. Speak up when something doesn’t make sense, or feels wrong or is unclear. Of course, we might all make mistakes, but we’re in this to learn from and with each other.


Direct & Confidential

The regular intervision sessions are online and will not be recorded. All participants can take notes for their personal use of course, but what is said in the conversation is confidential and only to be shared with explicit consent of the people involved.


This space is about the specific subject of exchange in the context of personal professional development among colleagues. Part of the commitment is to respect each others’ commitment to this context (no marketing, no space to merely vent our complaints).

Is it the right fit for you?

If you can tick two or more boxes of the following items, it’s likely that an Embodied Inquiry Ggroup is a good fit for you.

your professional field is directly connected to the body or movement e.g. bodywork practitioners like Pilates, Rolfing or Feldenkrais practitioners, physios, somatic coaches, dance instructors

your professional field is directly connected to guidance or teaching e.g. psychologists, coaches and consultants…

you are aware that the body is essential for being and acting with integrity in your life and you are interested in deepening your understanding of how to create more agency in your life and community

you are aware that it’s not about being right or wrong, black or white, but about having integrity on all levels – your thinking,  your emotional and physical awareness – so you feel in your body what decisions are right for you in a specific moment

Your Investment(s)

Most people only consider money when it comes to investment.

Time is, however, a scarce resource you should also consider if you want to join an Inquiry Group. Do you want to take nine hours in six months to discuss and explore the subject of personal integrity? It doesn’t sound like a lot within the given time frame, but if the subject is not dear to your heart, you might want to spend it on something else.

We are aware that you will also invest other things: your attention, energy, joy and love.

Maybe also your insecurities and doubts, pains and fears.

All of these qualities and resources are welcome and will make each and every  Embodied Inquiry Group powerful and unique.


€550 – €970* excl. VAT

Payment in full upon registration; monthly direct debit payments also possible.

If you realize after the first intervision session that it’s not the right fit for you, you can drop out and will get the amount for the remaining five sessions refunded.

*We have a fair-pay principle where you can choose a price according to what you can afford and how much it is worth to you.


6 x 1.5 hours

Total time: 9 hrs.

Plus as many moments in between the intervision groups that you’d like to spend on reflecting, observing, experiencing and embodying.

every 1st Thursday of the month

The next Embodied Inquiry Groups will start in early 2019

Morning group

Thursday, September 6

9.00-10.30 am CET

Evening group

Thursday, September 6

6.00-7.30 pm CET

Each group meets on the same day every month (e.g. every first Thursday) at the same time, for the entire six months.

4-5 people per Embodied Inquiry Group monthly online meetings via Zoom

Want to join an Embodied Inquiry Group?

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