Finding ways and creating spaces to reflect on how we interact with others as well as learning about how we can do so with integrity; asking the uncomfortable questions in a way that is kind and allowing each other to move beyond a point where we are stuck and want to move past; listening, questioning and learning from the values others present, embody and talk about…

These acts of generosity inspire us and seem desperately needed, as the world of communication and social interaction is presenting itself at this point in time.

The Inquiry Process is one way of doing all the above mentioned. It is our attempt to offer a structure within which a space for vulnerable, empowering interaction and exploration can be created. We believe that we need these kind of spaces fostering conversations about ethics to grow and we want to invite anyone who is inspired to join this movement.

The Inquiry Group is one specific format that we invite you to join. If this online format doesn’t do it for you, but you’re interested in the system we designed, you can download and follow the basic structure we came up with here.

Use it and adapt it to your needs. Our wish is to let this idea travel and continue developing. This is why we share our Inquiry Group Process with you.

Beyond the Inquiry Groups, we our efforts focus on practical, body-based practices that allow for more agency through personal integrity.

If you like what we do and you want to support us in developing it further, we appreciate any contribution. Be it by joining one of our Inquiry Groups, sharing the idea with your friends and colleagues, or donating to fund our time invested in this work. Any amount is generous and we’re grateful for your support.

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