All practices are practices.
They are not imperatives, nor perfectices.

Practices are opportunities to focus your attention to live with integrity.

Practices are intended to foster body-based awareness and thus agency.

All practices are interconnected, there is no hierarchy.


Moving your body

Life is movement and to stay healthy and connected to the world and yourself, moving the body in different ways and places is key.


Acknowledging your experience

To be able to change or appreciate a situation, you need to first acknowledge what is.



Asking questions with curiosity to get a larger perspective on the situation. As well as allowing to take in responses without jumping to conclusions.


Breaking down the complexities of life to simple body-based elements to regain agency

In complex situations we can feel overwhelmed. Breaking it down into simple, body-based elements allows you to create change by changing one element in your experience and situation. This can be a way of reconnect with the complex situation in a new and self-empowered way.


Willingness to uncover my blind spots

When you get stuck, you look for a way out. You agree to let go of your self-image and are open to explore new ways of looking at and experiencing your life.


Remembering you’re human

No body is superman. Some might have super powers in some areas, but we all have our flaws and inadequacies.


Taking care of basic needs

You need time to rest, eat, and sleep.


Doing things for fun

Enjoying the lightness of being and letting fun and ease be your guide.


Taking time for Integration

After actively working on something, it’s vital to give the body time to integrate the learning or energy released or generated and to recharge the batteries. It’s about a healthy way of moving between doing and being.

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