What people say about Embodied Inquiry

and working with us

It helps bring clarity to your interpretations and encourages new perspectives as well as bringing a comfortable acceptance of why you feel like you do about things that matter to you.

My experience on this 6-month investigation has been one of the best personal & professional development trainings I have ever invested my time and earnings on!

Mandy Beaumont

Yoga Therapist

When we are busy with ourselves and how the world is impacting us we may not be equally consciously aware of how we are shaping our world at the same time.  

Intervision sessions grows your awareness of who you are and brings focus to the positive interconnected play between ourselves and others. We are both equally supported and provider of support.  Gold-dust for those times when you might feel alone with topics or ethical dilemmas.

Shirley Smith

Coaching & Supervision, There for me coach

I did not expect that simply asking question is so challenging to do, generous to receive and profound in its effect.
Thank you Aninia ans Daniela for introducing me to this powerful practice!





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